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    Content Management Systems Installing Joomla

    Content Management Systems Installing JoomlaFor the beginner webmaster trying to figure out how to install the Joomla content management system can seam daunting at first, but the process is really straight forward, most of the more well known hosting services provide a one click install in your hosting account for both Joomla and for Wordpress, these auto installers will create the data base and the username and automatically install the content management system for you, but if your hosting provider does not provide a one click install you need to know how to achieve this.

    We will assume you have already purchased your domain name through your hosting service, you need to login to your hosting account with the username and password you signed up with and proceed to the cpanal, this is where you access your files and various tools that the hosting service provides, first you need to create a new addon domain enter the domain name you purchased earlier, then enter your password the document root and FTP username will automatically populate and click add domain.

    Now return to the CPanal home page and look for my SQL database wizard enter a database name your choice for name and note this for later on, click next enter a user name and password for the data base and also note this for later, click create user you will now be directed to an other page tick all privileges then click next step, you have now created your data base ready to populate with Joomla.

    Next step is to down load the Joomla zip file from there website and store on your desktop, return to the CPanal home page look for file manager and using the drop down select your domain name, the folder will be empty up the top of the page click on upload then browse and select the Joomla zip file you downloaded earlier, this will now automatically upload to the server when the upload has completed click on the link to go back to your domain folder then unzip the contents and delete the zip file.

    Log out of your CPanal you are finished here for now and open your browser and type in your domain url ( this will open the Joomla installer and the main configuration panal then follow the instructions and enter the details that are required, click next and the database configuration panal opens, the database type is usually my SQLi, hostname local host, then enter the database user name that you noted down earlier the data base password and the database name leave other settings as is and click next.

    This is the final stage of installation, if you are not familiar with Joomla tick the box with install sample data this will install basic data so you can learn Joomla a little easier, click on install, when the installer has completed a screen will show you that the installation was a success the last step is important or you will not be granted access to your website you need to click on remove installation folder this is an orange button, once this has completed you have a choice to visit your home page or proceed to the admin panal your website should now be online

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