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How To Create A Website New Zealand

There is nothing more rewarding than building your own website from start to finish it brings tremendous satisfaction when you see your own work go live online, but for many new webmasters the process can seam daunting at first.

Where do i start and how do i put a website together there are usually alot of questions to answer and we will run you through the basics of how to build your first website and the different methods you can take to get there.

The very first step is to work out the theme of your website this is what the website will be designed around, are you starting an online blog on one of your favorite subjects, starting your first online shop and selling goods to customers, or want to start your own online community or forum all these website themes will be built in a different way to achive the end result that you are looking for.

Domain Name

The next important step is to purchase your domain name and find a suitable hosting provider, your domain name is a bit like a phone number this is how people will find your own website out of thousends of others, you need to think about your domain name as this is important it should contain keywords for your websites theme.

A blog about travel in your country needs to contain these elements in the domain name and keep the domain as short as possible you need a domain that is easy to remember and is clear with out any dashes or other symbols.

Web Hosting

Selecting a suitable hosting plan will take some thought as you need to get this right, low traffic websites like a personal website or a very small static business can use one of the many shared hosting plans available, a medium sized business website will require more performance so a VPS hosting service will be required, and very large businesses and online eCommerce shops will need a dedicated server that provides the very best performance. Choosing A Web Hosting Plan

How To Choose Your Websites Platform

The best part of all is to start the process of actually building your website and there are numerous ways to go about this process and depending on your adaptability there are difficult ways and easy ways to achieve the end result, one of the easiest ways to build your first website is to use an online page builder, for personal and blog websites we recommend Weebly Page builder and for the simplicity of building an online shop we recommend Shopify both these page builders provide an easy and convenient way to build a website with drag and drop website builders and while you cannot build a complex website with this method it is easier to understand the process of website design.

Content Management Systems

The second method to building a website is to use a content management system, the two most popular are Joomla and Wordpress both these systems are open source so you can down load them and update for free, with a content management system you have more control over the process of building your website and a more complex design can be used to achive the end result that you need, Wordpress is the easier CMS to manage for beginners and can be used to build personal, online community and eCommerce websites but the learning process can be slow to master, Read our guide to how to install a Joomla website.

Website Templates And Themes

With content management systems like Wordpress and Joomla changing the look and design of your website with out changing all the content within the website is as easy as installing a new Template For a Joomla based website or installing a new Theme for a Wordpress website, content management systems also use modules to display content and plugins and components to control where the content is placed and managed, with this method you can achive more complex websites than with an online page builder.

Adding Interesting Content To Your Website

A website is all about the content that is contained within the pages of the site for personal websites and blogs you need to write articles to fill your website with the content that your viewers want to read, this content needs to be relative to your website theme and most importantly the content needs to be origional any duplicate content on your website will have negitive affects on getting a good ranking.

For business websites you need to display and inform customers what you are selling or what services you are supplying and also why you are better than your competitors, online shops need reviews on there products as this type of content is what will captivate visitors and make them purchase from your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most important steps that needs to be taken for any website, for a small personal website you can optimize your self, for large businesses and online shops this needs to be left to SEO experts, search engine optimization is the process of optimizing content, images, urls and creating backlinks to achive a better ranking on search engines like Google, content needs to contain keywords and phrases that visitors or customers are searching for when they type into the browser.

Search engines like Google send out robots or tiny programs that search out every website on the internet, these robots then scan and collect information about your websites content and usefulness of the information contained in your website.

If these robots deem your content is more relevant or useful to visitors on your website than a competitors website you will receive a greater ranking and there for your website will be more visible to people searching for the content that they are looking for and this process of optimization is an on going concern as Google changes the algorithm regularly to keep up with changes. 


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