Essentials Of Good Website Design

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Essentials Of Good Website DesignThere is more to building a great website than what your site actually looks like, you can have a great looking website but if the structure of the site and placement of some crucial elements are not correct your sites visitors will get confused or bored and will most likely leave your site and not return again, and further more your website design needs to attract the right visitors that are looking for the content that you are displaying on the site, the content of your website will dictate what type of visitors that you will attract.

Responsive Design
The one most crucial aspect of any website design these days is to build a responsive site, by responsive we mean the website needs to adapt to any screen size that your website visitors are using, they maybe viewing your website on a smart phone, a tablet or on a desk top computer and with the amount of people using smart phones to browse the internet increasing all the time this is an important design consideration.

Website Blog
Modern websites need a blog and particularly business websites that are selling goods online or in a retail shop, your blog content needs to be about the type of goods or products that you are selling, you can write articles on these products explaining how they work, how they are made and why they are better than your competitors products then place an internal link to the product in question, this is great for Search engine optimization and Google rankings.

Contact And Business Details
Important information like your business details and contact information needs to be placed in a location that is easily seen from every page of your website, usually this information should be placed in the top right hand side of your website and again in the footer so when visitors scroll down the page they will see your details before moving on.

Website Security
Businesses selling goods online need security and this is one of the most important features your website needs, if customers are trusting you with there personal information like credit card numbers, postal address and phone numbers etc you do not want this information falling into the wrong hands, you need to purchase an SSL certificate from your hosting provider this will place the little green padlock on the visitors browser indicating that your website is secure for transactions like credit cards and personal information online.