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    Are you looking for a new look for your business or personal website the easy way to change any websites visual appeal is to change the website template and Template Monster currently offers a huge variety of unique website templates to choose from.

    They carry an impressive range of templates to suit every platform out there from premium Joomla templates and Wordpress themes, through to stunning looking eCommerce website templates designed for Presta Shop, Magento and other online shopping platforms.

    Template Monster was founded back in 2002 and currently are one of the largest template and theme marketplaces around the world, and provide a comprehensive range of templates for any website design from personal blogs to business websites.

    They added Wordpress themes to there marketplace back in 2006 and currently offer over 1400 Wordpress themes to there customers so you have a great range to choose from, most of there templates are designed in house by a group of template designers so all there website templates are unique in design.

    Template Monster provide a range of services apart from just selling ready made templates, if you are a novice at website building they can install your new website template for you, they can customize any of there templates to better suit your particular website design and also sell a range of Wordpress plugins to enhance your Wordpress based website.

    Template Monster also offer web hosting plans to there customers although they donot provide the web hosting them selves the hosting is provided through a partnership with Inmotion Hosting so you can by your template and host your new website all in one convenient place.

    Template demonstrations are available on Template Monsters website you can choose a theme and login to the back end to see for yourself what the template structure is like before committing to any purchase.

    The templates are offered in various licensing configurations for use on a single website or for use on multipliable websites, they provide 24/7 support should you run into any trouble with downloading a template or any installation problems, and a full set of documentation is available with any templates that you purchase from them.

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