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    Shopify eCommerce Website Hosting

    Shopify eCommerce Website Hosting

    With online shopping becoming more and more popular these days and retail shops finding it more difficult to attract new customers to there retail stores they are are looking to sell there goods online and one great platform for this task is Shopify.

    This ECommerce platform is fast becoming popular for setting up online shops all over the world, there are other solutions out there but shopify gets great reviews from business owners that are running there own online shops selling a large variety of goods to customers from all around the globe.

    Shopify is a turn key solution to establishing an online shop that is suitable for all shops, from the smallest startup to the largest of online shops, Shopify provides every thing that you need to effectively run and control your shop from one convenient location, Shopify takes care of all the technical side of running your online shop including the hosting of your website allowing you the time to select the products that you want to sell and allowing you to concentrate on marketing and selling the goods to your customers online.

    How does Shopify work, the process is fairly simple you pick out a plan that will best suit the type of online shop that you want and one that will suit your budget, you purchase a domain name from Shopify or use a domain name you already have, then choose a template design from the many templates on offer that best suits the layout of your shop, you can also hire a professional to design your online shop for you, then you just need to add all your products that you are selling and any other options like payment systems or shopping carts, and start your marketing campaign to attract new customers to your shop.

    The Shopify Ecommerce platform provides all the features required to effectivly run your online shop, including the security through SSL certificates, selling your products through Shopify is completly safe for you and for your customers, all the nessercery features are within your reach like paypal intergration and the platform provides great customer support at any time of the day or night, should you need help in setting up your online shop or run into difficulties down the track later on.

    Shopify provide a free 14 day trial that lets you see for your self what the platform can provide, they offer three plans the Basic Shopify plan starts at $29.00/month and includes unlimited products, unlimited file storage, free SSL certificate and a host of other features, the second plan costs $79.00/month and includes professional reports to keep you up to date and abandoned cart recovery, the third plan advanced Shopify priced at $299.00/month includes third party calculated shipping rates as that shows the shipping rates to your customers at check out. Build your own online shop today

    Looking for an all in one solution for setting up your online store and would like room to grow your online business, and add new products and you have a little know how in this area then Shopify will be for you, there are other ECommerce platforms out there, but lack the features that Shopify can provide to your business, running any online store will be alot of work and you need the support and great features that Shopify provides.

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